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 Rev. Dawn Ingram, Settled Pastor

 Pastor Dawn came to Glen Echo Christian Church in May 2015. She has a Master of Divinity degree from      Eden Theological Seminary, and she completed a chaplain residency program in St. Louis. Dawn has served    churches in Missouri and Central Illinois, and she has worked as a chaplain in hospitals and senior living  facilities in Des Moines and St. Louis. Dawn and her husband, David, were missionaries for over 25 years in   Africa, Europe, and North America. They have one adult son, Joshua, who lives in Des Moines.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  Some of Our Lay Leaders 

   President:  Julie                                                                                             Christian Education Committee Chairperson:  Brian 
   First Vice-President:  Kathleen                                                                 Outreach Committee Chairperson:  Joan 
   Seond Vice-President:                                                                                Property Chairperson:  TBA
   Treasurer:  Terri                                                                                            Stewardship Committee Chairperson:  Terri
   Financial Secretary:  Deb                                                                           Property Trustees:  John
   Board Secretary:  Joan                                                                                 Worship Committee Chairperson:  Dorothy           
   Elder Chairperson:  Rosemarie                                                                 Deacon  Chairperson:  Kathy 

 Judith Henry, Accompanist

 Judith Henry came to Glen Echo Christian Church in August 2022. This experienced musician has an undergraduate degree in Music Education with an emphasis in Vocal Performance, as well as a Master's Degree in Organ Performance from Drake University. Judith has taught music in public schools and served as the Music Director of several churches. She composes and performs her own music, and she has recorded CDs of her original compositions.